Tools & Calculators

Are you eligible for the Age Pension?
This calculator can be used as a guide to determine your Age Pension entitlement
Are you a Resident for Tax Purposes?
This interactive decision tool ascertains if you are an Australian Resident for tax purposes, if you have recently arrived in Australia
Choose your baby bonus base year
This calculator helps determine your best choice for the baby bonus base year. It also determines when you can start to receive the baby bonus
Tax Refund or Debt?
Use this calculator for an estimate of your tax refund or debt on a given taxable income for 2006, 2007 and 2008 income years
Escalator: Income & Retirement
Use the Escalator Calculator to find out how increasing voluntary Super Contributions will effect take home pay and Retirement benefits
Your Family Tax Benefit
This calculator determines if you are eligible to claim the family tax benefit and will calculate the amount that you should be entitled to
Home Office Expenses & Tax Deductions
This calculator will determine the deduction that may be claimed where a home office is used for income-producing purposes
Do you have an Insurance Gap?
Calculate if your current insurance (if any) is sufficient to maintain your families lifestyle in sickness, accident or death
Medical Expenses & Tax Offset
This calculator can help work out the medical expenses offset that you may claim
Residency status for tax purposes
Use this tool to establish your status if you have been living in Australia, and have recently left or are leaving for overseas. This determines your liability to pay Australian personal tax on your income
Your Mortgage Debt and Your Equity
This calculator shows the effect of decisions
you can make about how much and how long
 you should borrow for
Deductions for Self-Education
This calculator will give you an estimate of the deduction you can claim where a home office is used for income producing
Easy Income Tax Calculator
This calculator will help you work out the tax you owe on your taxable income
Super Co-Contribution Eligibility
Using information about your income and personal super contributions for the relevant financial year your eligibility is calculated
Do you need to lodge a tax return?
This calculator determines if you need to lodge an income tax return for a specific financial year
Your car, work & tax
This tool will determine your eligibility and calculate your claim under all four methods of work related car expenses